Tanya and Dave met in 2013 while living in the historic city of Antigua, Guatemala. Hailing from Canada and the US, we live healthy, smoke- and drug-free lives. We work Full-Time online and do not have pets or children. You will find us reliable, caring, super clean, and responsible. We promise to love and care for your home and pets as if they were our own, and to keep your property safe and secure!

We can only sit in homes with a minimum of 1,000 square feet, including a space for us to work, as well as a minimum of 10 Mg Internet speed at all times, and we cannot accept sits with very slow or unreliable connections. Because we work 40 hours a week from home, your pets will have plenty of company, every day!

We truly appreciate people entrusting us with their valuable property and beloved pets. We will provide a house sit agreement to review with you, to ensure we are on the same page and are clear about expectations on both sides. It's not a legal document and is meant only as a communication tool. You can open it here; HouseSitAgreement

Financials (FAQ)
We currently do not charge for a sit, but rather view it as a respected exchange. We can easily incur upwards of $1,000 in expenses to travel to a sit!

*All expenses like your Gardener, Cleaner, WiFi/Electric/Air-conditioning/Cable bill are expected to be included during our sit.*

If applicable, we also ask for the use of a vehicle during our stay, in order to keep us, and your pets, safe and enable us to get around without the hassles/expenses of public transportation. We both have 30 years of clean driving records and abstracts to provide.

So far, we have found homeowners to be happy to do their part in ensuring us a pleasant stay while keeping their most precious belongings and fur family safe and happy!

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Testimonial 2018

Tanya and Dave were amazing. - We recommend them highly! They sent us regular updates on the house, and our pooch. Took the dog to a groomer. Our dog was scratching, and they took him to take care of the flee problem. They took good care of the house, paid the maid and gardener, and left it impeccable upon our return. I hope they are available next time we need a house/pet sitter, as they are on top of our list. ~ Leo and Gabby, Mexico

Some of our Sits

May - June 2019

3 pups and a pool

We are super excited to be booked to sit in Ajijic Mexico for the 4th time. This time, we will be looking after 3 energetic dogs and a lovely home overlooking the lake from a gated community.

Keeping this home secure and pets loved and happy is our priority, along with lots of fun play time in the yard and pool.

Booked in May and June 2019.


Your sit here!

2019 August onwards

This little kitten was living with her feral mother and brother under a car at one of our sits. The small brother was killed by local animals, so we trapped the little sister and had her spayed and happily found her a home where she still lives. 😍

We now have sit openings for August 2019 and onwards. Have questions? Fire us an email at vancouvert at gmail.com anytime! Tanya

Cali says 2 toys are better than 1!

Ajijic, Mexico, Re-booked for 2019

We are ecstatic to be going back to sit with Cali in the home of Leo and Gaby again for 6 weeks in early 2019.

Their sprawling 5000 Sq ft home and 9-year-old Shepherd, Cali, were a pleasure to look after last year. We coordinated with the cleaning and gardening staff, and also assisted with checking tenants into their rental casita on the property.



More Happy Clients

March & May 2019

Chillin' with Che in GDL

Lucky us got to stay with super chill Che twice in Guadalajara in 2019.

Looking after this adorable pup in the home of Guierllmo and Dianne while they did some exploring around Mexico, we fell for this little guy's personality and face.

Can't wait to see him again!


Vancouver July 2019

2019 Vancouver, BC 

Once again we will be staying at the home of Shanna and Peter in Tanya's lovely hometown of Vancouver BC, our 3rd sit for this traveling family.

We have sat here twice previously and absolutely love Mr. Deefer, the cute and cuddly Labradoodle.
We are so looking forward to our next sit booked here for the month of July 2019!

October 2018

2018 in Ajijic, Mexico

We looked after the property of world travelers, Leo and Gaby for over a month in 2018. Cali, their fur baby, is one of the best trained and behaved dogs we have ever looked after!

We coordinated with paying the staff, and also assisted with tenants in their rental casita. The beautiful home is over 5,000 feet with a pool and hot tub, and was a pleasure to spend time in.



More Happy Clients

January 2018

Ajijic, Mexico

We headed to Ajijic, on Lake Chapala in Mexico to care for the home and vehicle of Linda and Jim, as well as their 2 sweet dogs.
This sit entailed being responsible for the health and daily medication for one pup, and of course, lots of love and walks for nearly 2 weeks.

We look forward to returning to this area, and seeing them again in the future!

Summer 2018

Vancouver 2nd Sit completed!

We were super excited to return to Vancouver BC once again to look after the home and super cute cuddler, Mr. Deefer, for Shanah and Peter for the second time, while they traveled for the summer.

This home and pup were our first priority, but Tanya also really enjoyed catching up with her friends and family in Vancouver.

September - October 2017

Chelem, Mexico

This was a favorite sit, with lots of beach walks, pool play, and ball tossing time. Caring for Kevin and Maggie's property, as well as their two super-friendly pups, and two kitties, we never had a dull moment.

We spent 5 weeks in the lovely Mexican beach town, enjoying the sun, and play time. One kitten was a rescue, deaf and partially blind, and ridiculously adorable. We miss those little faces!


More Happy Clients

May - Sept 2017

Progreso, Mexico

Sitting in this 2 bedroom home, with 2 additional casitas, we are responsible for the property as well as large yard with many plants requiring regular care, and large lap pool which requires care and upkeep.

Homeowners Joanne and Chuck left us in charge while they went travelling out of country to escape the Yucatan summer heat.

We are really enjoying our time at Oasis del Mar!


Spanning 2016 and 2017

Antigua, Guatemala

We were always happy to lend a hand to cat sit Nela (short for Canela, the Spanish word for cinnamon).

She was a roof cat that was rescued in Peru by her adventurous mom, Karen. Independent but still loving a good cuddle, Nela enjoyed staying in our care over a half dozen times when Karen did trips ranging from weekends to entire months. We definitely will miss little Nela!

2 sits, June 2016 & February 2017

San Bartolo, Guatemala 

We sat for Scott, taking good care of his 3 fur babies, as well as his 3 bedroom home. We made sure Cookie-dog had lots of play and walk time, and also cared for Dobby, a standoffish rescue cat, and Twinkles, a sweet cuddle monster.

This threesome kept us busy with lots of laughs as they played together. Scott knew he could count on us to keep his home happy and safe!


More Happy Clients

March 2017

Antigua, Guatemala

We took care of this adorable pup Jewlie in our apartment, when her mom had some out of country travelling to do.

She had lots of personality and love to give. Jewlie was so easy to care for, and we took her everywhere we went.

She even got to sleep in bed with us, I mean really, who can say no to that face?

February 2016

San Bartolo, Guatemala

While owners Gus and Annie were away, we got to play with their dogs Kisha and Vinny and stay in their lovely three-story home.

We provided regular exercise for their active pups (and ourselves in the process), watered the exotic plants in their backyard garden paradise and kept their house spotless and safe. An added bonus for Packers fan Tanya – Vinny was named for Vince Lombardi!

October & November 2016

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan

What fun we had with Sherri and John's 8 chickens and 2 roosters, and their rustic lakeside cottage home was great.

Chickens were surprisingly easy to care for, and had amazing personalities to boot! By the end, we had them all named.

We loved the added benefit of fresh organic eggs every day as well. Yum!

More Happy Clients

July 2015

Vancouver, BC

Tanya had the pleasure of taking care of the property of Shanah and Peter for a month in sunny Vancouver, in the summer of 2015.

Mr. Deefer, their labradoodle could not have been cuter!

He loved playing ball in the yard and was always greeting her at the front door. She truly enjoyed caring for this pup and the property, while the owners traveled carefree.

Sept - October 2015

Antigua, Guatemala

With a big property comes great responsibility … and a great big dog! It was a blast caring for Dalton, an energetic Weimaraner who loves long walks around the working coffee farm where he lives near Antigua, Guatemala.

While traveling to Europe, John and Christel entrusted their beloved best friend, as well as the day-to-day care and security of Casa Patronal, their sprawling  6 bedroom, 3 bathroom home.

2 years 2006-07

Surrey Beach House, Ventnor City, NJ 

Dave handled the day-to-day operations of a 14-room boutique beach hotel, located steps from the famed Atlantic City Boardwalk.

This including guest relations (reservations, check-ins, concierge service), managing the housekeeping staff and performing general maintenance.

You can count on your property being in good hands!


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